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iShelf – Cover Flow Style Shelf

ishelfI can’t remember the last time I purchased a physical copy of some music on a CD… maybe back in 2003 or something… but, for those who still have CD collections and like to put them on show you could check out this cover flow style shelf named the iShelf. [Read more…]

GP Limo – 300MPH+ Carries 7

gp_limoMichael Pettipas has created probably the worlds coolest limo. It’s shaped like a GP car and is capable of carrying 7. [Read more…]


ledfanThis USB fan has LED’s embedded in it’s blades. What these do is allow text to be displayed while the fan is switched on. [Read more…]

FiTrainer Virtual Fitness Coach Review

fitrainerFiTrainer is a virtual fitness coach that aims to keep, or make you healthy. We were sent a review item for testing and have now given it a good testing. Lets take a closer look. [Read more…]

Cursor Shaped Oven Gloves

cursor-shaped-oven-glovesThese cool looking oven gloves are shaped like pixelated cursors from your PC. [Read more…]

Flexicord – Flexible Cables

flexicordFlexicord is a cool device that allows your regular every day type cables to be more neatly organised. [Read more…]

HTC / NVIDEO creating a 1080p Smartphone

htc_nvidia_tegra_smartphone_mockupAnother rumour is floating around today saying that HTC and NVIDIA Tegra are working together to make a smartphone capable of 1080p support. [Read more…]

Zelda Map – Remade in Stitches

zelda-map-stitch-artThis Zelda map looks incredible. It is a copy of the map found on Zelda back from years ago on the NES and SNES consoles. [Read more…]

Retro Table Top Bank – Also Plays Space Invaders

space-invaders-piggy-bankThis cool piggy bank is built in to a classic tabletop Space Invaders game. Due to the 30 year anniversary of space invaders happening recently, it seems like many of these types of gadgets are becoming available. [Read more…]

The T-Mobile Dance

dance-of-the-commutersTomorrow (Friday 16th), will see the launch of a new advert on UK telly from T-Mobile. The idea seems to follow along with those videos of mass amounts of people all freezing at the same time or various gun finger fights in the Tate museum. This time the target is Liverpool Street Station in London and the theme is a synchronised dance. [Read more…]

Philips Cinema TV With 21:9 Aspect Ratio Spotted

philips-21-9-cinemascope-lcd-tvPhillips has introduced a 21:9 aspect ratio TV called the Cinema 21:9. Due to the extra wide aspect ratio, it puts the screen in the same proportion as a real cinema.

Other features include Ambilight to make the borders of the screen glow. It is expected that the TV will be shipping in the next few months in several countries across Europe which includes the UK, Germany, Belgium and France. [Read more…]

Phoenix offers Instant-On for Laptops

instant-on-laptop-softwareWhen booting up a laptop for a brief 2 minute usage it’s often frustrating that it can take a few minutes before everything sorts it’s self out. Some of the newer netbooks have an instant-on mode which allows them to boot up instantly… now this feature can be used on a number of laptops thanks to Phoenix. [Read more…]