Flexicord – Flexible Cables

flexicordFlexicord is a cool device that allows your regular every day type cables to be more neatly organised.

flexicord-stretchFlexicord’s can be bent in to any shape and then held that way. This is thanks to a pipecleaner type device that sits next to the actual cable. By being able to flex your cables in to what ever shape you want it means you can guide them neatly around corners and around the back of your TV to keep them out of the way, but still organised rather then they mess you normally find that way.

Cables from Flexicord are available as USB, phono jacks, S-video, networking and HDMI.

Prices are not too bad either at $20 for most of the cables with the 10 foot HDMI cable costing $34.

Via: UberReview and CNET

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