FiTrainer Virtual Fitness Coach Review

fitrainerFiTrainer is a virtual fitness coach that aims to keep, or make you healthy. We were sent a review item for testing and have now given it a good testing. Lets take a closer look.


FiTrainer – What’s in the Box

The FiTrainer includes pretty much everything you need to get going. In the box there are the headphones, 3.5mm – 3.5mm cable to connect the headphones to your iPod, a carry case and 2 training manuals (one being a quick setup guide and the other a more lengthy set of instructions). The only thing missing from the package is a AAA battery that is sold separately. Oh, and you’ll need a music source such as an iPod to connect the FiTrainer up to should you want to also listen to music while training. However, this is just extra and not a requirement as they can be used stand alone too.

Configuring the FiTrainer

The quick guide is packaged in the box and allows you to quickly setup the headphones to get going. When the FiTrainer is first switched on it requires some brief configuration so it knows your age. To do this you just next and set buttons on the right ear piece. For a trial (training) mode you only need to set the decade that you are in. So, if you are 31 then you set the FiTrainer to 3A. Once you have trialled and become familiar with how the headphones work you can then set your actual age so that your heart rate is monitored.

Workout with FiTrainer

Now that FiTrainer is configured you put the headphones on and attach the small heart rate sensor to your ear. When your heart rate is detected the FiTrainer begins with a brief warm up and once complete, you then move to a workout. By measuring your heart rate through the sensor the voice tells you to work out harder or tells you to slow down depending on what your body is doing. The background music speeds up and slows down accordingly.

3 modes of training are available on the FiTrainer. The first, basic one, is walking. The training cycle lasts around 55 minutes. The frequency of this exercise is listed in the manual. The next steps are Aerobic and the Jogging mode. It is recommended that you spend 20 minutes to see some good effects with the frequency determined in the supplied manual.

FiTrainer Conclusion

I am quite impressed with the FiTrainer and the concept behind it. It’s too early yet in seeing what the results are as I need to spend another few months with it… (follow up review due in March or so), but from what I have experienced so far and the detail that has gone in to this product, the creators have made a nice sized device that will assist those wanting to achieve that better workout.

For more details on the FiTrainer and information where to purchase from check out Itami. The current price for the FiTrainer is $39.95.



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