Archives for January 2009

SpaceShipOne in-flight Cockpit Photo

spaceship_one_cockpit_in_flightThis cool picture is an image of SpaceShipOne’s cockpit. As you can see, it’s quite a basic setup compared to other flying machines. [Read more…]

Gun O’Clock – Shoot your Alarm Clock

gun-o-clockThe Gun O’Clock is an alarm clock that requires a shot to hit the bullseye to shut it up. [Read more…]

Speech Bubble Speakers

speech-bubble-speakerCartoon speech bubble are very popular in comics and what not. The shape of them has inspired someone to create the Speech Bubble Speaker. [Read more…]

Premium Games coming to iPhone

iphone-premium-gamesThe App Store is going to get a new addition of games heading it’s way that will be playable on the iPhone and iPod Touch. [Read more…]

Garmin FR60 with Heart Rate Monitor

garmin_fr60_fitness_watchGarmin have announced a new Fitness Watch named the Garmin FR60. It comes bundled with a heart rate monitor and a GPS receiver giving you the perfect watch to track how you are doing and where you went. [Read more…]

Zumba – Voice Recognition Phone

zumbraThe Zumba is a “top secret” voice recognition phone that promises to have the best recognition in the world. It is built by I A technology and will change the way we communicate with people. [Read more…]

Cheesy Valentines Geek T-Shirt

8-bit_dynamic_lifeWith valentines day being a few weeks ago it’s time to start mentioning a few gadgets designed for this day. The 8-Bit Dynamic Life Shirt has 6 hearts on the front that light up when you are close to someone else wearing the same t-shirt. [Read more…]

HTC Touch HD

touch_hdThe HTC Touch HD is becoming available in various placed. GearDiary managed to get hold of one for review. [Read more…]

Ray Gun Channel Changer

ray-gun-channel-changerIf you are a lover of Sci-Fi and the telly then this Ray Gun Channel Changer is the perfect gadget for you. [Read more…]

Sony Ericsson Premier 3

sony-ericsson-premier-3Phone operator KDDi have announced that the Sony Ericsson Premier 3 will be coming to their network. The Premier 3 is a clamshell phone that uses clear audio technology from Sony. [Read more…]

Dual-Sim Android Phone – The DSTL1

android-dstl1The DSTL1 is an Android based phone that can take 2 SIM cards allowing you to switch between networks without switching the phone off. [Read more…]

If Software still Shipped on 3.5″ Floppy…

sims3_35_floppyDo you remember the days when you installed Windows 3.1 from something like 5 floppy disks and a couple more that contained printer drivers… or when Doom could be squished on to a floppy disk. Well, if CD’s hadn’t been invented or any other larger storage then these days we could be looking at 100’s, if not 1000’s of floppy disks for the size of software we see these days. Designers at Antrepo Design Industry have created a bunch of art prints based on the floppy disk. [Read more…]