Retro Table Top Bank – Also Plays Space Invaders

space-invaders-piggy-bankThis cool piggy bank is built in to a classic tabletop Space Invaders game. Due to the 30 year anniversary of space invaders happening recently, it seems like many of these types of gadgets are becoming available.

The Space Invaders Piggy Bank can take up to 80 x 100 yen coins at a time before it needs to be emptied out. As each coin is entered another space invader lights up on the small LCD screen that keeps track of things.

It’s quite a cool idea and if you are in to space invaders in a big way then check it out now. On the downside, it appears that it might not actually be real according to one of the comments on cscoutjapan… but still, I think it’s cool.

Via: Geeky-Gadgets and CScoutJapan

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