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Net Firing Robot – Tmsuk T-34

tmsuk_t-34_net-firing_robotThe Tmsuk T-34 is a robotic net gun that only has the task of capturing criminals. It is a remote controlled car basically that has a net launcher built in. [Read more…]

Fixing Scratched CD’s and DVD’s

cdlinerCD’s and DVD’s can be found in every home. Even if you use an iPod or other MP3/MP4 type device you probably still have a bunch of DVD’s laying around. One problem that you will often come across is that they get scratched and sometimes to the point of not working. [Read more…]

Obama to get Sectera Edge Blackberry?

sectera-edgeBarack Obama has been a keen user of the blackberry. Unfortunately it appeared that he would not be allowed to continue to use it. However, it seems like he might get to keep it after all. Speculation suggests that he will be getting a Sectera Edge… more on that after the jump. [Read more…]

SoundBulb Wireless Speaker System

soundbulbEverybody hates wires… they are messy, get tangled and are a pest to hide in walls. So, someone has decided that wireless is the way to go. Wireless speaker systems are not new though, but this idea is. The idea here is to put the speaker in to the bulb effectively making it a Speaker Bulb. [Read more…]

MIU HDPC Launching? Maybe not…

miuhdpcMIU introduced a HDPC (Hybrid Dual Personal Computer) back in October and since then has yet to launch it. The reason for this has now been found out… they are looking for about $500K to get the ball rolling. [Read more…]

Transformers Watch

transformers-watchIf your a fan of transformers then check out this watch. The transformers watch is built by Tomy and will be released soon. [Read more…]

Lego Pixel Art – Make it at Home

how-to-make-lego-pixel-artPixel art is weird in some ways as you are building something that looks old… but for some reason, that’s what makes it look so cool. Take this Pixel art Sonic for example. It is built of Lego and can be made easily yourself by follow a tutorial that has been created. [Read more…]

iPhone Stand – Made of Pencil’s

pencil-iphone-standSometimes it’s handy to watch a short movie or live streams on a mobile phone… however, getting the viewing angle just right isn’t always possible without having to hold it. To solve this you could just make your own stand out of regular pencil’s and elastic bands. [Read more…]

Voice Activated RC Helicopter

voice-activated-rc-helicopter-gadgetThe Voice Activated RC Helicopter is an RC helicopter that surprisingly enough… works by voice command. [Read more…]

Skateboard steps back a few Millennia

old-school-skateboard-deckCoated spotted a rather good skateboard recently. It is made from a huge timber log. [Read more…]

Yu Type Keyboard Display

yu-type-keyboardThe Yu Type keyboard display was designed at those who struggle with typing. If you are the sort that hasn’t mastered the art of not looking at the keyboard then this could be for you. [Read more…]

Folding Bike Bag

folding-bike-bagThe Folding Bike Bag does exactly what it says on the tin… folds up and can be carried like a bag. [Read more…]