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Blackberry Bold Visual Voice Mail

blackberry_visual_voice_mailIn a screenshot sent to Boy Genius Report it shows an AT&T Blackberry Bold running a newer version of the OS. This new OS was numbered and featured a non working icon for Visual Voice Mail, as seen on the image above. [Read more…]

Wii Balance Board Controls Labyrinth

wiifit_controlled_labyrinth_gameThe Labyrinth game requires that you move a ball bearing from one end to the other of the maze. Jestin Stoffel and Vince Thompson decided that rather then using the regular method to play the game that they would instead hack together a few things so that your Wii Balance Board could control the maze. [Read more…]

iPhone Lie Detector – iPolyGraph

iphone-lie-detectorFor $3 you can purchase the iPhone Lie Detector… it’s ideal for those paranoid sort and is a piece of software that lets you basically grill someone to get the truth. [Read more…]

CompuLap Exeda – With Expansion Ports

exedaThe Exeda is built by CompuLab and is a fantastic looking device that supports Windows Mobile 6.1, Android, Windows CE 6 and Angstrom Linux. [Read more…]

The Spotlight Torch

spotlight-torchThe Spotlight Torch is a handy device to carry around. It charges direct from your lighter socket in your car and is capable of being powered for 1 hour based on a 3 hour charge. [Read more…]

Improved Webcam Sensors Coming Soon

omnivisionWebcams don’t always have the best image quality that we hope for when buying them. This can be due to a number of conditions such as bad lighting, low resolution, a tiny lens or a not so good sensor. [Read more…]

Lego Digital Camera

lego-cameraLego and Digital Blue are working together to create some cool Lego styled gadgets. [Read more…]

SDXC Memory Cards

sdxcSDXC Memory cards were mentioned this year at CES. These new, higher capacity cards are capable of storing up to 2TB of data. [Read more…]

Sony introduce a WiFi Camera

sony-dsc-g3-cybershotSony’s latest Cybershot camera, the DSC-G3, has built in Wi-fi features. The camera uses 802.11b/g wireless networking to automatically send your images direct to web services such as Flickr and your videos to Youtube. [Read more…]

Dell Mini 10

dell-mini-10Dell are launching the successor to the Dell Mini 9… the Dell Mini 10. Rather then a 9″ display, this one has a 10 inch display and is capable of displaying HD images at a resolution of 720p. [Read more…]

The Bolt from Logic Wireless

logic_boltLogic Wireless are claiming to have launched the first mobile phone with a projector built in. The phone is named the Bolt and has a pico style projector built in capable of throwing a 64″ screen on to a wall. [Read more…]

Samsung MBP200 Pico Projector

samsung_mbp200Yesterday we mentioned how Toshiba was following the Pico projector scene by creating their own version. Samsung are also on to this by creating the portable projector MBP200. [Read more…]