ledfanThis USB fan has LED’s embedded in it’s blades. What these do is allow text to be displayed while the fan is switched on.

The rather lengthy name of the LED Fan is the “USB 30+ Light Show Fan” with the 30+ representing how many messages are preset in to the device. When the fan spins fast it creates an image using POV (persistence of vision).

It is not clear if the LED Fan is capable of being programmed with custom messages… I don’t believe it is though. It will cost you $6.60 and is available from Dealextreme.

Via: TechNaBob


  1. Chris - LG Blog UK says

    Wonderful. But I need it to be programmable if I’m going to wile away the summer pointing it at the person opposite me and upsetting them.

  2. Does this display well under the sun light?

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