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Casio Exilim EX-FS10 and EX-FC100 – 1000 FPS

casio_ex-fs100Casio were showing off their latest point and shoot digital cameras at this years CES. The amazing thing about these new Casio Exilim cameras is that they can record video with a frame rate of at least 1000 fps… that’s just crazy and cool. [Read more…]

Sony VAIO P Details Announced

sony-vaio-pThe Sony VAIO P has been announced and SlashGear got to spend some time with it at CES this year. Although it’s no surprise that this was launched as details have been mentioned recently, there were no real specs about this nice new laptop that we could find. We now have these details. [Read more…]

Donkey Kong Quilt

donkey-kong-quiltEtsy is always a cool source of geek type stuff. The latest that I came across is this Donkey Kong Quilt that represents one of the in-game levels from the classic game. [Read more…]

LED Lighting saves 80% Power for Home

led_home_lightingA family based in Japan have placed an order that will see their home powered by LED lighting only. The saving….. 80% cheaper on power consumption. [Read more…]

Asus S121 with 512GB SSD

asus_s121Asus are giving one of their laptops a nice boost in storage capacity this month. The S121 Netbook that has a 12 inch screen will now have an optional 512GB SSD that can be purchased. [Read more…]

Retro Brick Cell Phone Holder

retro-brick-cellphone-holderBack in the 80’s the common Cell phone looked like a brick. The huge phones with big rubber aerials could be seen every now and again attached to people belts. If you feel your current cell phone is just too small for you these days then this retro brick cell phone holder could be ideal for you. [Read more…]

Doctor Who: Cyber Leader Voice Changer Helmet

dr-who-cyberman-leader-helmetIf you watched the Christmas special of Dr who in 2008 (just a couple of weeks back), you will have noticed a new guy in town… the Cyber Leader, who’s brain could be seen through his helmet. [Read more…]

Steampunk Monopoly DIY

steampunk-electric-monopoly-diyMonopoly is a classic game and over the last few years a number of different versions can be found from UK versions to make your own versions and on to the more modern chip and pin versions. This version goes a different route in that it has been created as a Steampunk Monopoly board. [Read more…]

Powermat Provides Wireless Charging

powermatThe Powermat is a device that allows you to charge your mobile phones, mp3 players and what not by using wireless power. You simply drop your device on to a mat and it gets charged. [Read more…]

iSteam iPhone Application

isteam-free-iphone-appiSteam is the perfect distraction for the times you just can’t be bothered to work… we all feel like that from time to time I am sure. [Read more…]

Napkins Calendar – Recyclable

365-napkins-calendarThose tear away type calendars could be viewed by some as a waste of paper, and therefore, not green. For this reason the napkin calendars have been created. [Read more…]

iPhone with Built in Keyboard?

iphone-keyboardThe iPhone touchscreen is fantastic, yet sometimes it’s just not as practical as a physical keyboard. Rumours are now floating around about the iPhone and the possibility of having a built in physical keyboard. [Read more…]