HTC / NVIDEO creating a 1080p Smartphone

htc_nvidia_tegra_smartphone_mockupAnother rumour is floating around today saying that HTC and NVIDIA Tegra are working together to make a smartphone capable of 1080p support.

By merging together HD-Capable 1080p GeForce Graphics with wi-fi support and other input peripherals on to a single chip it allows for a higher powered smartphone to be created that has lower energy demands… perfect.

We believe that HTC has selected the NVIDIA Tegra applications processor for a new handset design that will ramp in [the second half of 2009]. We estimate Tegra could add $100M to 2H09 results. This revenue will likely be very high margin, given the low-power design in a small-profile package is helping HTC achieve small form factors. We expect Tegra to sell in a range of $15 to $25 and have more than one customer in ˜09³ Doug Freedman, analyst, American Technology Research

The amazing thing about these Tegra chips is the amount of power they have. A 1080p version of Quake 3 can run at 40 frames per second, and this includes full graphical features and anti-aliasing. Battery power is another amazing feature. A High Def movie will take 30 hours to drain the battery, while an impressive 130 hours of audio can be played.

As mentioned earlier, this is just rumour at the moment and might not even surface as being real… but it does show exactly which path smartphones are moving and if HTC don’t pick up on this then someone else probably will.

Via: SlashGear

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