Archives for January 2009

Insteon Automatic Door Lock

insteon-door-lockIf you want to go for an automated home then this Insteon Automatic Door lock will help you in your endeavour. [Read more…]

Flipbac Camera Screen Mirror

flipbacWhen taking photos at a difficult angle on a digital camera it is often a problem to see the screen correctly. By not being able to see the screen you then have the problem that the subject might be missing completely or not where you want them to be in the shot. Flipbac aims to tackle this problem. [Read more…]

Dynamo Torch

2in1-led-dynamo-torchWhen you get a powercut you often run to find the closest torch (flash light) so you can see around your home. Most of the time you find that you have dead batteries. This cool little Dynamo Torch makes sure that you never go without light as it uses power generated by shaking it around. [Read more…]

RoboDump Office Gag

robodumpThe RoboDump is kind of a robot although it just sits in place and doesn’t move. It’s purpose is to rest on the toilet seat and just make strange toilet type noises. [Read more…]

SteamBot – A Steam Powered Robot

strenco_steam_robotThis robot requires no electricity to run. Instead, it uses steam that is created inside it’s belly. To get it working you put water inside by taking it’s head off. [Read more…]

iPhone 3G Now Unlocked

iphone-unlockYellowsn0w has been launched. This little app allows you to unlock your iPhone 3G and use it on any other network. Previously you were locked in to just the network that provides it for your country. [Read more…]

Ski Simulator for the Home – The SKYGYM

skisimulatorThe SKYGYM is an amazing looking ski simulator that goes a few steps beyond what the Wii-Fit could do. [Read more…]

Kodak Z980 with 24x Megazoon

kodakz980Kodak are about to launch their latest digital camera which has an amazing 24x optical zoom lens. The camera is named the Z980 and will cost around $399 when launched. [Read more…]

Magnetic Camera Phone Lenses

iphone-zoom-lensPhone cameras can be handy devices, but at the same time they often lack what a regular digital camera can do due to the lack of a decent sized lens and only having digital zoom. For this reason these cool little magnetic lenses have been created which are compatible with the Apple iPhone as well as many other camera phones. [Read more…]

Picture Frame for Computer Lovers

illuminated-intel-pentium-3-picture-frameA good number of photo frames hanging on your wall contain pictures of loved ones. This Intel Pentium III Picture Frame is different though as it holds a picture of your old computers heart… it’s Processor. [Read more…]

Acer Aspire One Review

acer-aspire-one-a150Since the launch of the Eee PC I have always wanted a small laptop with a screen measuring less then 10″. Move closer to now and we now see a bunch of manufacturers creating these tiny PC’s. The next one I am looking at is the Acer Aspire One (A150 Model). [Read more…]