The T-Mobile Dance

dance-of-the-commutersTomorrow (Friday 16th), will see the launch of a new advert on UK telly from T-Mobile. The idea seems to follow along with those videos of mass amounts of people all freezing at the same time or various gun finger fights in the Tate museum. This time the target is Liverpool Street Station in London and the theme is a synchronised dance.

The T-Mobile Dance Ad was captured by hidden cameras based around Liverpool Street station and saw around 400 people dancing together. Dancers included tourists and Underground staff and when they suddenly leap in to action they dance hip-hop, disco and ballroom.

The advert is scheduled to be shown for the first time on Channel 4 between Celebrity Big Brother at 9:10pm Friday 16th Jan. Shortly after it will be made available on Youtube.

Via: DailyMail

PS. Sorry for the lack of link but DailyMail seem to be behind on the times and do not allow me to link to them without written consent :S

Image Credit: Flickr