Phoenix offers Instant-On for Laptops

instant-on-laptop-softwareWhen booting up a laptop for a brief 2 minute usage it’s often frustrating that it can take a few minutes before everything sorts it’s self out. Some of the newer netbooks have an instant-on mode which allows them to boot up instantly… now this feature can be used on a number of laptops thanks to Phoenix.

New software has been created by a company named Phoenix that allows your laptop to run a smaller virtual environment that can boot instantly. It is named HyperSpace and it has more then just instant-on benefits as it can save users time and save battery power (by about 30%). If you want to log on to your laptop to just browse the web, send a few emails and run a few IM programs then this could be perfect for you.

The software costs $40 and it’s a renewable licence that needs to be updated each year… if you can get over that fact then this is for you.

Product Page Via: Wired

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