GP Limo – 300MPH+ Carries 7

gp_limoMichael Pettipas has created probably the worlds coolest limo. It’s shaped like a GP car and is capable of carrying 7.

The details don’t stop there though as Michael is planning on making adjustments to the GP beast to make it capable of beating the Veyron’s 253MPH record… and it’s street legal too.

OhGizmo point out….

At the moment the website claims the car was actually shooting for a top speed of 300 mph during tests at the Bonneville Salt Flats, but that was over 3 years ago, and given the fact that the Veyron and the SSC Ultimate Aero TT still sit at the top of the record list, I assume things didn’t quite work out as Michael had hoped.

However, even if it doesn’t beat the Veyron’s top speed and go way over 300 MPH it is still the best Limo on the planet.

Via: OhGizmo

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