iPod touch 4 Case Leaks

The iPod touch 4 might be announced today at the Apple [AAPL] event that is happening in a couple of hours time.

A new iPod touch 4 case has launched which further strengthens these rumours of an iPod touch 4. This time the case is from a mainstream case maker.

The iPod touch 4 is expected to be very similar to the iPhone 4 in that it is expected that it will have two cameras, perhaps a glass front and back and be capable of making FaceTime calls via email activation. [Read more…]

iPod touch 4 Case Spotted

Rumours about an iPod touch 4 have been going around for a while now. A number of leaks of the screen with a front facing camera have been published on the web along with iOS details that indicate the next gen iPod touch 4 will get email activated FaceTime calling abilities.

The next detail shows an iPod touch 4 case that has a cut out for a camera on the back that is slightly wider indicating that a flash will also be included.

Some design changes to the new device could include getting rid of the curved back and replacing it with a flat back. [Read more…]

Archos 32 Android PMP Spotted

Amazon has uploaded a pre-order page for the Archos 32 Android PMP. Details of the device are also included which reveal the device has a 3.2 inch screen with a 400×240 resolution.

Other features include WiFi, 8GB of onboard storage as well as a web-browser and multi-touch support. A camera is also included allowing photos to be captured whilst on the move.

As for codec support, it covers quite a large variety of audio which includes MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, OGG, and FLAC. [Read more…]

Apple iPod touch Could get Retina Display and Dual Cameras

The Dell Streak pricing was revealed yesterday on the AT&T network. You might be wondering what this has to do with the next gen iPod touch 4… well, in a post written over at Daring Fireball, John Gruber also mentioned the Dell Streak pricing, but also dropped a couple of details about the next gen iPod touch in that it will have a Retina display as found in the iPhone 4 along with dual cameras like the iPhone 4. The comparison was made because the Dell Streak looks a little overpriced in comparison when compared to the iPad or iPod touch pricing.

With the information coming from John Gruber, we are inclined to believe it. This is for a couple of reasons… first is that he is often spot on with the details he reports on in regards to Apple, and it just seems like the next logical step for the iPod touch to follow the iPhone in terms of technology used. [Read more…]

3rd Gen iPod touch With Camera Spotted on eBay

There’s around 1 day and 13 hours left for you to get your hands on a 3rd gen iPod touch with a built in camera on the back.

It is believed that the actual product is real, in that Apple [AAPL] created it. However, the specific model with a camera was never launched last year. Rumours about the lack of camera on the 3rd gen model include the blame on a shortage of cameras which meant it had to hit the shelves camera-less.

The details in the auction, found here, indicate that the camera doesn’t actually work due to a lack of software although the seller does say that when the next gen iPod touch 4 is launched in a few weeks time, the software should allow this camera to start working. [Read more…]

iPod touch 4 Case Mockup

Apple [AAPL] could be launching a new iPod touch 4 in the next month or so. The reason for this belief is that a photo illustration of an iPod touch 4 in a case has been revealed that indicates a new version with a camera is coming.

What happens here is that Apple send out technical specs (as in CAD details) to those companies who will be making cases. The drawings don’t show the device in details other than sizes of each part. With this information it appears that a company has created a mockup of what a case and iPod touch within that case will look like.

It’s hard to make out exactly what’s happening in the render, but it appears that “if” the iPod represents a new device then it will keep the curved back rather than a glass back of the iPhone 4. We also see the addition of a camera and possibly a flash also which is one of the wanted features on the device. [Read more…]

Zune Pass Available in the UK

Zune users in the UK will soon be able to purchase a Zune Pass subscription service from Zune.net that allows users in the UK to stream music from the Zune.net service.

Price wise, a Zune Pass costs £8.99/month or £26.97 if you pay every three months. No savings are to be had by paying for 3 months up front.

By purchasing a Zune Pass in the UK you are entitled to download an unlimited amount of songs for the length of the subscription as well as have the ability to keep 10 tracks per month permanently. [Read more…]

Spotify Preview Coming to Linux

The guys at Spotify have created a preview version of their popular software Spotify that brings the service to Linux users. The software it’s self is still a little behind other versions such as the one for PC due to it being an early preview build.

Features lacking in the new version include no support for local files and no visual advertising which restricts it’s use to premium subscribers only.

Andrea Sehr from Spotify said the following… [Read more…]

Next Gen iPod Touch could get Front Facing Camera

When Apple [AAPL] launch the next-gen iPod touch, it is likely to follow the same design as the iPhone 4. We also expect that features from the iPhone 4 will also be added to the new touch such as a front facing camera, perhaps a retina display and a faster CPU.

The front facing camera rumour has been further strengthened by some leaked shots that show a glass iPhone 4 style front with what looks to be a camera hole in the middle at the front.

Two pictures were captured with one showing the glass and the LCD and the other just showing the glass, both with a small hole in the middle top of the unit. On the iPhone 4 the middle top section is where the speaker sits with a camera just to the left. The iPod touch of course doesn’t need a speaker at that point, so shifting the camera to the middle does make sense. [Read more…]

Chocolate iPod Speaker

Strapya are selling the Chocolate iPod speaker. On the top of the iPod speaker is a dock connector allowing you to connect various iPods up to it.

The list of compatible iPod’s is as follows…

1St iPod Touch, iPod Classic, 1st – 4th iPod nano, 3rd-5th iPod, iPod Mini.

It costs $21 and is available from Strapya. [Read more…]

Zune HD Firmware 4.5 Captured on Video

Yesterday a new 64GB Zune HD was announced and within that announcement a new firmware numbered 4.5 was also mentioned that was going to be bringing several new features to the Zune HD.

“Microsoft also announced a new firmware update that is also in the works that brings more features to the Zune HD. This includes Smart DJ auto-playlists and the ability to steam music from the Zune Marketplace through your TV (if the TV is connected through the A/V dock). Codec support has also been expanded to include more playable formats on the device.”

[Read more…]

Zune HD 64GB Model Coming Soon

If you check out the Zune website today and specifically look at the HD model you’ll see that it now has a 3rd model listed that sees the Zune HD come in three capacities of 16GB, 32GB and the new 64GB.

When clicking on either the 16GB or 32GB links you get taken to a specific product page explaining the details of each of the said models. However, when clicking the 64GB link you get taken to an error message saying the page cannot be found.

We suspect that Microsoft [MSFT] have either let something slip a little earlier by updating the Zune HD page with th 64GB information, or that an announcement is coming today regarding a new higher capacity Zune HD device. [Read more…]