Next Gen iPod Touch could get Front Facing Camera

When Apple [AAPL] launch the next-gen iPod touch, it is likely to follow the same design as the iPhone 4. We also expect that features from the iPhone 4 will also be added to the new touch such as a front facing camera, perhaps a retina display and a faster CPU.

The front facing camera rumour has been further strengthened by some leaked shots that show a glass iPhone 4 style front with what looks to be a camera hole in the middle at the front.

Two pictures were captured with one showing the glass and the LCD and the other just showing the glass, both with a small hole in the middle top of the unit. On the iPhone 4 the middle top section is where the speaker sits with a camera just to the left. The iPod touch of course doesn’t need a speaker at that point, so shifting the camera to the middle does make sense.

If we find any more pictures related to this we’ll let you know. It is unknown when the new touch will land, but when it does we hope to see some nice enhancements that the iPhone 4 had.

Via: Mac Rumors and

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