Ecofriendly Wood Music iPod Dock

The Wood Music is an iPod Dock made of wood. It’s aim is to be ecofriendly and give a little change in your office or home. It is made of salvaged timber and has holes drilled in the sides to make way for speakers and other various electronics needed to make it work. [Read more…]

Kenwood OLED Speakers

Kenwood, more known for being in the speaker industry have created a new speaker that has an OLED screen built in. [Read more…]

Glass Speakers from Kenwood

kenwood-glass-speakersKenwood have created a great looking pair of speakers that are made of glass. The Kenwood SP0001 though seems to be all looks. [Read more…]

Pacemaker Portable DJ

Pacemaker is a portable device which allows you to DJ anywhere. The device has a number of mixing functions and manages to allow you up to 120GB of storage to store all of your music on to. [Read more…]

Ultra-Thin Speakers

Some Ultra-thin speakers are being developed in the UK that will allow you to pretty much stick them to the wall. The speakers are both flat and flexible and originally were designed using tin foil and baking paper. [Read more…]

FretLight Video Player

fretlightThe FretLight Video Player is a gadget that helps you to learn how to play a real guitar. As the name suggests the frets light up on your guitar guiding you through various chords.

The guitar attaches to your PC or Mac via a USB cable. Videos are included with the guitar which teach you various chords by lighting up dots on the neck of the guitar. The software allows you to repeat on an A/B process allowing you to practice the same part time and time again till you get it right. Various DVD’s are available that are compatible with the guitar that teach you essential chords, bass notes, harmonic rhythm and a bunch of others that I personally don’t understand. Maybe I need to pick one up myself and learn 😉 [Read more…]

Speech Bubble Speakers

speech-bubble-speakerCartoon speech bubble are very popular in comics and what not. The shape of them has inspired someone to create the Speech Bubble Speaker. [Read more…]

Fold and Carry Keyboard – VAX77

vax77The VAX77 is a keyboard that is capable of being folded in half. This allows the keyboard to be more easily transported around as it will only be half the length. [Read more…]

ReviveLITE iPod Charger

reviveliteThe reviveLITE is a combination iPod charger and night light for your iPod/iPhone. The light switches on automatically when the room gets darker. [Read more…]

Giant Umbrella Speaker

giant-speaker-umbrellaThe Japanese have created a rather different umbrella that keeps you dry when it rains (nothing new there) and pumps out music by acting like a large speaker. [Read more…]

VibeVault iPod Case

vibevaultYesterday we posted about an insanely expensive iPod Touch case. If $227 is too much for you to buy an iPod case then this alternative might be the better option. The VibeVault costs a lot less at $45. [Read more…]

Bluetooth MP3 Watch

mp3-bluetooth-watchWireless technology is amazing as it allows the wires to be dropped so they do not get in the way. This MP3 watch is built by Goldlantern and features Bluetooth 2.0 technology along with the headphones. What this allows you to do is pair up the watch to the headphones and then your mobile phone to the headphones. Should a call arrive while your music is playing, you are alerted and can take the call over the headphones.
[Read more…]