Wireless Rock Speaker

Wireless Rock Speaker
The Wireless Rock Speaker is the perfect way to bring wireless audio in to your garden. The rock speaker is just what the name says… a speaker in a rock. The audio is transmitted up to 150 feet on the 900 MHz range meaning you can leave the stereo equipment inside while you party away outside.

Wireless Rock Speaker Controls


* 900 MHz transmitter sends audio signals without speaker wire
* Speaker can be up to 150′ away from audio source
* Weatherproof for outdoor listening
* Compact & portable with a stylized design (13H x 10W) – 5.25 PP cone w/rubber edge Woofer2 Mylar cone Tweeter 20Watt RMS Output 15V DC Transformer
* Phase Loop Lock circuitry automatically locks in and keeps audio signal clear and strong.

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pPod Shuffle for the Healthy People

pPod Shuffle
This pPod Shuffle was designed for the purpose of health awareness. It was designed using Maya by Lawrence Whittemore and is just an awareness poster and not actually going to be made in to a real pPod (iPod). However, if the concept really got you excited then you can go ahead and buy a T-Shirt of the pPod over at MJR Productions.

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Cassette to MP3 Converter

While recently cleaning through old junk I came across a number of cassette tapes which I had in the late 80’s and 90’s before I got my first Disc Man. I actually chucked them out thinking I’d never use them again. If I would have come across this device earlier, I might have hung on to them a little longer. The Cassette To MP3 converter is a device which you put your old cassettes in and it converts them to MP3 quick and easily. It attaches to a PC with a USB cable and the device includes the software needed for conversion. The software is used for conversion and breaking up the audio stream in to separate tracks. Noise reduction settings as well as the ability to play metal/CrO2 tapes is also included. The last cool feature is the ability to use the good old high speed dubbing which means you can convert the tracks far further while listening to the music chirp away at speeds several times faster then normal.

The Cassette to MP3 Converter costs $149.95.

Wireless Earphones from Sennheiser

sennheiser wireless earphones
Over at CES (which hasn’t officially started yet) there are some cool wireless earphones from Sennheiser. They are based on Kleer’s Wireless audio technology and deliver crystal clear CD quality sound. These particular earphones will connect directly to Kleer based products. The base unit pictured above acts as the charger.

A number of head or earphones use Bluetooth technology. These are different as they actually use wireless on the 2.4GHz band. They measure 20 x 34 x 30 mm each. The charging unit also contains a battery which allows the earphones to be charged at least twice while on the road.

The MXW1’s have no price yet, but no doubt more details will flood in when CES officially opens.

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Thompson F2 PMP

Thompson has launched the F2 PMP (Portable Media Player) which supports MP3, WMA, AMV as well as E-Book formats and images. The screen measures 1.8 inches (LCD) and has bright and normal modes for the times you want to conserve battery life. There is also a microphone in there and a number of games which can be played. Multi tasking is also available which allows you to read an E-Book while listening to music at the same time. 7 EQ modes are available to adjust sound to your liking.

Connection to the PC is provided via USB 2.0 which allows music, video, images and books to be transferred quickly to it’s 1Gb of built in memory. Costing $62 it’s not a bad price at all for the little player.



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SwoofTronic Pi – Light Controlled Sound

SwoofTronic Pi
SwoofTronic Pi is a light controlled sound/audio device which you control with your hands. Light sensors on each controller vary the pitch and tone length according to how much light is let in. Let more light in on the right box and the pitch (frequency) will be increased. On the left if you let more light in then the length of the note played is increased.

SwoofTronic Pi 1
Mixing the movements of blocking light together you get some unique soothing sounds coming from the SwoofTronic Pi.

SwoofTronic Pi 2
The light sensors have 3 ways of working. The first is to use the ambient light in the room. However, if it’s dark then you can use the LED’s on the side of each box to light up the other boxes sensor. The other option is to use a small LED key ring to change the sound.

I can kind of see the SwoofTronic Pi being addictive but possibly annoying for those around you. The good news is that there is a 3.5mm headphone jack so you can keep others happy while you mellow away in random soundness. For a full “Sinclair Spectrum style” demo, check out the video after the jump.

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USB Mix Tapes

USB Mix Tape
Many of you will remember the good old cassette tape. It allowed many people to create their own little mixes of either 60 or 90 minutes to play in their walkman or in a car. The USB Mix Tape is a mixture of the old fashioned cassette with it’s paper cover but inside it sports a small USB flash drive which contains your music. The USB flash drive inside can store 64MB of music on to it. To record on to it, stick the USB flash drive in to your PC, drag and drop all your tunes on to it, and then put the flash memory back in to it’s case. You can even write all your track listings on to the paper insert to remind you of the early 90’s.

USB Mix Tape Collection

USB Mix Tape Open

The USB Mix Tape costs £19.95 and there are 6 different styles to choose from (or collect).

Product Page

Wooden JVC Earphones

JVC have created some nifty little earphones which are made of real wood. The type of wood used is Birch wood and it makes them look amazing. The model is HP-FX500 and they will cost over $130 when released in a couple of months time. Inside there is a damping gel which helps reduce jitter and increases noise cancellation effects. Audio ranges are from 8Hz to 25Khz.

In the box you will find the earphones, carrying case and rubber tips which can accommodate various sized ears. Hopefully we will see these earphones over in the UK.

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