Zune HD 64GB Model Coming Soon

If you check out the Zune website today and specifically look at the HD model you’ll see that it now has a 3rd model listed that sees the Zune HD come in three capacities of 16GB, 32GB and the new 64GB.

When clicking on either the 16GB or 32GB links you get taken to a specific product page explaining the details of each of the said models. However, when clicking the 64GB link you get taken to an error message saying the page cannot be found.

We suspect that Microsoft [MSFT] have either let something slip a little earlier by updating the Zune HD page with th 64GB information, or that an announcement is coming today regarding a new higher capacity Zune HD device.

The screen shot is shown larger below (look on the left of the image just under the Zune HD banner.

Details via Zune.

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