Zune Pass Available in the UK

Zune users in the UK will soon be able to purchase a Zune Pass subscription service from Zune.net that allows users in the UK to stream music from the Zune.net service.

Price wise, a Zune Pass costs £8.99/month or £26.97 if you pay every three months. No savings are to be had by paying for 3 months up front.

By purchasing a Zune Pass in the UK you are entitled to download an unlimited amount of songs for the length of the subscription as well as have the ability to keep 10 tracks per month permanently.

We need to mention that right now, you cannot download music on to your PC if your PC is set to a UK locale. However, you can stream music from the Zune.net website. One problem spotted by Neowin indicates that some tracks are not available in the UK perhaps due to licensing agreements. This follows along with Spotify in the UK where that service also has some tracks missing due to licensing issues.

Although the full service isn’t available just yet, it is expected that the Zune Pass will hit the UK soon along with all the full features that the US enjoys now.

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