Chocolate iPod Speaker

Strapya are selling the Chocolate iPod speaker. On the top of the iPod speaker is a dock connector allowing you to connect various iPods up to it.

The list of compatible iPod’s is as follows…

1St iPod Touch, iPod Classic, 1st – 4th iPod nano, 3rd-5th iPod, iPod Mini.

It costs $21 and is available from Strapya.

As for the quality of the product, I have no idea. I suspect it wont be giving out too much bass although it looks quite tasty.

Via: CG and SlipperyBrick

It’s just a bad idea. Thank you Strapya for as usual giving me weird food cravings from your food related gadgets. The speaker has a dock connector and the speakers are up front. Then on the back you’ll find buttons to adjust the volume. It’s pretty basic stuff. Plus the price, $21, isn’t too shabby. That is until you factor in the extra money you’ll be forced to invest in chocolate.

Source: SlipperyBrick

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