iPod touch 4 Case Spotted

Rumours about an iPod touch 4 have been going around for a while now. A number of leaks of the screen with a front facing camera have been published on the web along with iOS details that indicate the next gen iPod touch 4 will get email activated FaceTime calling abilities.

The next detail shows an iPod touch 4 case that has a cut out for a camera on the back that is slightly wider indicating that a flash will also be included.

Some design changes to the new device could include getting rid of the curved back and replacing it with a flat back.

Supposedly the upcoming iPod touch is confirmed to be carrying a back-camera and this is something we are all pretty certain about. The ground-breaking details unearthed tonight are a completely new back coming to the iPod touch. This back will lose the contour curvature from recent generations and revert back to something similar to first generation iPod touch design.

We have also heard that the iPod touch 4 could look like the iPhone 4 although with the antenna playing a big role in the iPhone 4 design, it is unclear if Apple [AAPL] will use the whole band for WiFi only.

We expect to have details of the new iPod next week at the Apple event that is being held.

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