Windows Phone 6 gets Spotify – WP7 Version Coming Soon

For those of you who use Windows Phone 6 (WM6 we should say), you are now able to download and use Spotify on your smartphone.

The usual features are available such as streaming over 2.5/3G networks as well as downloading music for offline listening.

As well as launching a version of Spotify for Windows Mobile 6.5, we also hear a new version is in the works ready for when Windows Phone 7 is launched. [Read more…]

iPod nano Materials Cost Half of What First nano Cost

The current iPod nano is the sixth generation model. iSuppli decided to take a look at the individual parts to estimate how much the new iPod nano costs to build. Estimations show that it costs $43.73 to build a nano which makes it just less than half of what the first gen nano cost to build several years ago.

The screen on the nano along with the touch features account for half of the costs. Manufacturing costs just $1.37 per unit. [Read more…]

iPod nano Teardown

iFixit has taken apart a new iPod nano today. The nano has a multitouch screen in place of a touch wheel and has been made smaller than the previous version.

Measurements reveal that the new iPod nano is 67% the size of the previous generation. Getting inside required the use of a heat gun to loosen the glue holding the screen in place. Once that was done it’s just a matter of pulling it apart. [Read more…]

iPod nano 6th Gen Hints at Video Playback Support

TUAW got hold of a latest gen iPod nano and took a look at what it was all about… as in they took a look inside the software to see what hidden gems could be found inside.

Some code found inside indicates that the iPod nano has the ability to playback video. Several options can be found in a section titled

iPod touch 4th Generation Teardown

iFixit managed to get hold of an iPod touch to tear down. The iPod touch went on sale this week after being announced just last week at the Apple Special Event.

The iPod touch is very thin and hence, a lower resolution camera was used as the 5 megapixel version from the iPhone 4 just wouldn’t fit with the technology used today.

The new touch uses an A4 processor although it comes packaged with 256MB of RAM (just like the iPad) rather than the 512MB of the iPhone 4. [Read more…]

Latest Gen iPod shuffle Gets Torn Apart

The latest generation iPod shuffle was announced last week and launched this week. iFixit of course, managed to get it’s hands on one and tear it apart to see exactly what’s inside the new device.

With the shuffle having no screen, Apple [AAPL] has managed to cram everything in to the shuffle and make it a tiny package.

In terms of how easy it is to teardown, iFixit gave it a rating 2 out of 10 which basically makes it very difficult to teardown. [Read more…]

iPod touch Photoshop Errors

The Apple [AAPL] website was recently updated with the new details of the iPod touch. Along with that the standard pictures were uploaded that show the new device.

Unfortunately for Apple, someone forgot to photoshop the correct screen grabs on to the page and managed to leave the Phone icon at the bottom left of the screen along with text messages showing up in the Spotlight search as pictured below. [Read more…]

iPod touch gets Vibration for FaceTime and Games

The latest generation iPod touch has a vibration motor installed. This is revealed thanks to the FCC teardown that we mentioned last week.

It is expected that vibration will be used for incoming FaceTime calls. The motor is also confirmed by Apple [AAPL] on the accessibility page (quoted below).

If somebody wants to start a video call with you, you?ll receive an invitation — along with a vibrating alert — on your iPod touch asking you to join. Simply tap Accept, and the video call begins.

[Read more…]

Infographic: How the iPod nano has Changed Since Original Launch

We don’t post that many infographics, but thought this was worth a quick look at.

The infographic here shows how the iPod nano has changed over the years. The latest model is the 6th generation. Each generation has added new features and changed things around a bit. The first started off with a monochrome screen which was replaced with a colour screen, then a larger screen, then a wide screen, tall screen, taller screen and on to the square screen.

The 6th gen model is the first to adopt a touchscreen and drop the click wheel controls. [Read more…]

New iPod touch Announced

Apple [AAPL] has announced the next generation iPod touch. The new model brings a number of new features including the retina display and the Apple A4 chip both found in the iPhone 4.

The iPod touch according to Apple, is the number 1 portable games playing system in the world. It has over a 50% market share in both the US and the world which is quite impressive.

New features include the Retina Display that has 4x the pixel density of the previous screen. The pixel density is 326ppi which is more than the eye can distinguish. It is thinner than the previous model and has a 3 axis gyro built in. [Read more…]

New iPod nano Announced

Apple [AAPL] has also announced the new iPod nano today. Th new iPod nano drops the click wheel and adopts a square screen that is multi-touch based and runs a small variant of iOS.

The new iPod nano comes in two capacities of 8GB and 16GB and is being made available in 7 colours.

The iPod nano is capable of playing music for 24 hours. Some unique features allow the screen to be rotated by using two fingers on the multi-touch screen. A clip has been introduced on the back. [Read more…]

iPod shuffle – New Generation Model Announced

Today, Apple [AAPL] launched new iPod devices across the whole range. First up on the list was the iPod shuffle. The iPod shuffle brings back the buttons which lacked on the last version. Other features include voice over as well as it shrinking in size a little.

Genius has also been built in.

The new iPod shuffle is able to play back 15 hours of music on a single charge. It comes in 5 colours and is available to pre-order now over at Apple where it costs $49 for a 2GB model.

Shipping starts next week.