Printable Ultra-Thin Batteries Coming this Year – The Flattery?

German scientists claim that they have designed and created some batteries that weigh less then one gram, measure under 1mm in thickness and can be printed out. Not only can they do this now, but they claim that the batteries will be ready for commercial scale by the end of this year.

The aim of the research team is to get to a level where each battery can be printed for 9 cents or less. [Read more…]

Nike Hindsight Squeezes 50 Degrees More Vision to your Eyes

The Nike Hindsight is a concept which aims to give cyclists a wider field of view for safety reasons. By using curved Fresnel lenses on each side of the glasses it helps squeeze another 25 degrees of vision in to each eye giving the wearer an extra 50 degrees of vision. [Read more…]

Bike Safety Increased with Light Lane

The Light Lane is a cool idea where a laser is used to project a bike lane on to the road around a bike. The idea here is that the bright lit laser created lane will allow drivers to more clearly see the bike rider and hence, lower the risk of the rider being on the road. [Read more…]

Orange Solar Concept Tent

The Orange tent is a concept idea which aims to be the “Tent of the Future”. It was designed by Orange and is covered with fabric solar panels allowing you to make sure your essential gadgets can always be kept charged. [Read more…]

The Outlet Wall Concept

This concept idea is named the Outlet Wall. The Outlet Wall prevents the need of hiding cables behind your TV and instead allows you to hang them anywhere on the wall so that the “cords look pleasing”. [Read more…]

Apple Files the Activity Sensor Patent

apple-patentA few months ago, Apple filed a new patent which was referred to as an Activity Sensor. It’s kind of like an extreme sports version of the Nike+ iPod sport kit that you can currently buy. The Activity Sensor is used to measure factors while skiing, snow boarding or mountain biking which include air time, speed and power/energy absorbed while performing these activities.

The 41 page patent gives full details and explains that when someone claims that they achieved “big air” that right now they can only claim it. The Activity Sensor will actually be able to quantify what they exactly achieved so they can use the personal data to set their own records to try and beat. The data could also be shared with friends too. [Read more…]

NTT Prototype Phones Revealed

Telecoms company NTT have created a few prototype accessories for mobile phones of the future. The accessories include a large color flexible screen, a blood testing kit and a flute attachment. You could say that it’s a rather odd combination! [Read more…]

MID Concept Device Challenges Netbooks

If Netbooks are not your thing due to them not being small enough for a pocket and a little awkward to work with then maybe this MID (Mobile Internet Device) could be the thing for you. [Read more…]

Mac Tablet to hold Electronic Medical Records?

mac_tabletWe have seen rumours floating around about the Mac Tablet before at Gadget Venue. However, nobody really mentions the usage it would get if made available except for the obvious web browsing, music and video type applications. What else could the tablet be used for? Software Advice think it will fit perfect in to the medical industry and allow Dr’s to grab records with it while with a patient. [Read more…]

iPhone QWERTY Concept

Another mock up of the iPhone has surfaced recently. This time it shows a phone with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard which is something that a number of people are asking for. [Read more…]

iStick MP3 Player Concept

istickThe iStick is a concept MP3 playing device which merges the touchscreen goodness of the iPhone with a small iPod Shuffle. [Read more…]

KRE8 Makes Music on the Go

kre8Designer Jose Tomas DeLuna has created the KRE8 that is aimed at creative music junkies who love to mix music at all times of the day. The KRE8 is both a mobile phone and mobile music creator bundled in to one cool looking device. [Read more…]