Mock-Up Handheld Console Mixes all in to One

This portable hand-held is a mock-up of what a portable would look like if it had all of the best features mixed together.

The basic shape, as seen in the image above, is that of a Sony PSP although a flip up Nintendo DS style screen is also to be found along with a number of buttons and controls found on a mixture of games consoles.

The design has taken features from the XBox, PSP, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Gameboy and possibly other games consoles and handhelds. [Read more…]

iWatch Concept Gadget

The iWatch is a concept Apple device that is designed to be worn on the wrist. The concept design features a small screen showing the traditional slide to unlock message found on all iPhone OS devices along with the time, date and weather details.

The iWatch was designed by ADR Studio based in Italy and is designed with a touchscreen on the front encased in aluminium.

Other features of the concept design include Wireless for connectivity, Bluetooth for attaching a headset and a built-in pico projector. [Read more…]

Solar Cells Printed on Paper

Solar panels can be great in that they can provide power anywhere there is light from the sun. Right now though the panels are quite expensive to produce and require a bit of equipment to store energy captured for use at a later date.

A company are now looking at printing solar cells on to paper. By using carbon-based dyes the cells are created with an efficiency of about 1.5 to 2 percent…

The materials MIT researchers used are carbon-based dyes and the cells are about 1.5 percent to 2 percent efficient at converting sunlight to electricity. But any material could be used if it can be deposited at room temperature, Bulovic said. ‘Absolutely, the trick was coming up with ways to use paper, he said.

[Read more…]

Nintendo 3DS Concept Fan-Made Rendering

If you are wondering what the new Nintendo 3DS will look like then perhaps this fan-made rendering might give you some idea. The concept drawing uses a similar format to the traditional DS whereby the screen flips open. The top screen is 3D and the bottom screen looks to be regular 2D.

The controls for the 3DS have been moved to the outside of the device in that they don’t get covered up when the top screen closes down. The left houses the D-Pad and an analogue stick while the right has the SNES style YXBA 4 button setup. [Read more…]

iWEB 2.0 Portable Laptop Concept

The iWEB 2.0 Laptop is a concept gadget that overcomes the problem of a small keyboard found on a netbook sized device. The iWEB has a fold out keyboard that essentially doubles the size of the keyboard when opened out.

When the keyboard is opened up, it is the same size as a normal PC keyboard allowing you to more easily type when compared to the 92% of so sized keyboards that can be found on netbooks.

Although it’s quite a good idea mixing a large keyboard in to a netbook sized casing, this particular concept design does look a tad on the bulky side which would be a downer should this ever get made. [Read more…]

Windows Phone 7 Series Tablet Concept

Apple decided that the Apple iPad will use the iPhone OS running at a slightly higher resolution and from what we have seen, the iPad works very well in this configuration. We have also seen tablets before that run Android based operating systems. This particular concept tablet takes that idea but uses Windows Phone 7 Series as an operating system unlike the HP Slate that will run Windows 7.

The concept designer Umang Dokey has designed an 8 inch tablet that has a couple of webcams, a built in keyboard that acts as a kick stand as well as joystick controls and shoulder buttons allowing the device to be used as a computer, for games and the joystick used also for scrolling through documents.

It’s actually quite a neat idea and perhaps something that Microsoft should consider in the near future when the new operating system lands. [Read more…]

Acer Frameless Touchscreen/Touchkeyboard Laptop

Rumours are saying that Acer are working on a new laptop that will have a frameless touchscreen and frameless touchkeyboard.

Is it possible? Probably… the idea supposedly uses a reinforced glass substrate from Corning (maybe Gorilla Glass). It is unclear at the moment when this frameless laptop will be unveiled, but I wouldn’t expect it for another year or two at the earliest although the source who provided the details to DigiTimes estimates the second half of this year. [Read more…]

Solar Ivy – Solar Panels that Look Like Ivy

Although I like the idea of putting solar panels on the roof of my home, I’m just not sure that they look good. These Solar Ivy panels aim to be a little different though making them more acceptable by making them look like Ivy growing on your house when viewed from a short distance away.

The idea is just concept at the moment although the company who are wanting to develop Solar Ivy are looking to win a $50,000 Pepsi Refresh Project grant. The company responsible for the idea are called S.M.I.T which means Sustainably Minded Interactive Technology. [Read more…]

Concept: Rambler Socket has Built in Extension Cord

This concept idea shows a regular wall socket with an extension cable hidden behind. With the extension cable wound up in the wall the user can simply detach the socket front and pull the socket out further lengthening the amount of cord available.

The cord inside is designed to be 1.5 meters in length. To use the cord extension you simply pinch the sides of the socket and drag it out of the wall to the desired length. [Read more…]

Audi R10 Concept Car With V10 Engine

Audi-R10-ConceptI can’t remember the last time we mentioned a specific concept car here on gadgetvenue, but I came across this Concept Audi R10 today and thought it looks a bit swish. The R10 concept was designed by Marouane Bembli, a 23 year old Swedish student who has high hopes for the car being built by Audi. It’s based around an Audi R8 and looks a little more futuristic than the R8. It is powered by a “concept” V10 along with weighing about 2645lbs (in theory). [Read more…]

OS Calculator Concepts

OS-calculators_1If you ever use the standard calculator on Windows XP or on a Mac then these will look very familiar to you. The OS Calculators are a concept that were designed to look exactly like the calculator on your computer.

Each calculator is basic in that it has no scientific functions and can pretty much just do basic maths, but if you want something different on your desk then these would look good.

Unfortunately they are just concept and unless the designer can get permission from Apple or Microsoft then I doubt we will see them being created and sold anywhere. Check out a couple more renderings after the jump. [Read more…]

BI Handheld Shopper Gadget

bi-handheld-personal-shopperThe BI Handheld Shopper Gadget is a concept device that aims to help you find various shops. Looks wise, the renderings look great. It has an interchangeable back cover along with a gloss black face and steel detailing making it look rather good – in theory.

Inside you’ll find a GPS receiver that tracks your current location and the interface is designed with shopping in mind as it lists all the local shops that are nearby and overlays them on a satellite image. [Read more…]