Playstation 4 Concept Designed

new-playstation-4-consoleAlthough still a number of years away, a concept designer has decided to create a 3D model of a PlayStation 4. It was created by designer Tai Chiel and has a number of interesting features such as an embedded OLED screen in the transparent section to allow you to view menus, saved games and what looks to be like a game playing on one of the screen shots.

It is unclear when a PS4 will be made available as there are many years left in the PS3 and other consoles like the XBox 360, but that still doesn’t stop the design from being great. [Read more…]

Mysterious Android MID – Rockchip Concept

rockchip_android_midEarlier this week we thought that the Wallet MID was the mystery Android device. However, it turns out that this is not the case and in fact, the mystery Android device is actually a concept device built by Rockchip.

Rockchip were using the device to demonstrate a Chinese chip makers new 720p decoding chipset. The device you saw was using the RK2808 chipset to see how it functions while using the Android OS. [Read more…]

Concept Wacom Style Tablet

Tablet-keyboardThis odd looking concept device is a mixture of a tablet PC with a swivel type keyboard. The concept is that you can choose to use the tablet as a tablet, ie… write on the screen by swivelling the screen around. Also it lets you use it as a laptop but also switching the keyboard for a large touchpad.

It was created by Victor Bivol and was designed for designers so they can use a large tablet for using software such as Photoshop. This means that no Wacom tablet is needed as it has one built in. [Read more…]

Maptor Concept Mapping Projector

maptorMaptor is a concept device that uses an inbuilt projector to throw a map of the current location on to a surface. It’s small enough to be worn around the neck. It has built in GPS that can track exactly where you are and then download the appropriate map and your favourite points of interest that are also projected.

The downside of this concept device is the projector. As of now there really isn’t a projector of such a small size that could successfully be used in daylight. However, a company recently were seen to be creating portable laser projectors which could potentially have application in this design. [Read more…]

Window Phone Concept Gadget

window_phoneThe Window Phone is a concept device designed by Seunghan Song and is found over at Yanko.

The Window Phone is a slice of glass that can display certain information such as current weather conditions as well as predictions for the next day or 2. [Read more…]

Navigarius the Round Satnav – Designed by Art Lebedev

navigarius-gps-rmArt Levedev Studio’s have created another concept gadget. This time they created the Navigarius which is a satnav unit that sports a round screen. It has touchscreen controls, a USB port, microSD slot and is powered by either battery or a lighter socket on your car.

It looks like it belongs in a future concept car and other than looking rather cool it looks like a pretty standard setup with the usual maps and features of ordinary satnav units. [Read more…]

Haptic Reader Concept Converts Text to Braille

haptic-reader-conceptThe Haptic Reader concept is an overlay designed to help blind people read non Braille books. The device has a glass surface that is designed to rest on the pages of a regular book. Text from the page is then scanned in to the Haptic Reader and the surface has dots that protrude to make up the Braille characters.

If the user of the device doesn’t yet understand Braille then the reader makes use of a loud speaker to read out the contents of the book. [Read more…]

Concept of the MacBook Touch

MacBook-Touch-ConceptFor a fun product management class over at Georgia State University, students decided to create a concept video showing what a MacBook Touch would look like. The presentation starts off with an old Mac from 1984 then quickly moves to the iPod in 2001 and then the iPhone a few years after that at which point the MacBook Touch is displayed.

The Tablet features (as a concept) has a multi-touch interface, large screen, cover flow and a transparent on-screen keyboard. [Read more…]

Augmented Reality Business Card

Augmented-Reality-Business-CardMany business cards are boring to be honest. Most, if not all just show your name, rank and how you can be contacted. A guy named James Alliban has decided to used augmented reality to create his business cards. The cards were printed at and on the back contain a graphic which is then captured on to a computer via a webcam. When the camera picks up the little graphic a cool 3D grid of coloured planes pops up, each extruding towards the camera depending on the brightness of the pixel, and then a video can be played back with the business card owner being seen talking with a message about himself. [Read more…]

Snowcorn Sixth Sense Concept Device

Snowcorn is a bracelet with a camera, projector and wi-fi built in. Of course it’s a concept device as can be seen by the ultra small size and 3D renderings, but I still thought it was worth a mention here.

Snorcorn is designed to be worn around your hand and when browsing through books, maps and the likes it projects an image on to the surface of what you are looking at. [Read more…]

Apple Tablet – Another Concept Drawing

Apple-iTablet-ConceptWith the China News reporting recently that the Apple Tablet is coming out soon a few people have been drawing up their ideas of what it may look like. This particular design was created by nDevilTV over on Flickr and looks fantastic.

It kind of looks like an oversized iPhone that rests in a stand to allow a wireless sleek looking keyboard to be used when needed. [Read more…]

Bluetooth VTR USB Flash Drive Concept

The VTR USB Flash Drive is a concept designed by Raja that functions as an innovated pen drive. The flashdrive has an LCD screen built in which allows you to browse through the files stored on it. Bluetooth is then used to transmit files selected on screen to a mobile device. [Read more…]