Tripod MP3 and Movie Player – Concept

Another beauty concept idea has been given to the world by those at YankoDesign. This amazing looking device it a unique trangle MP3 player and then opens up to be a video player. You flip it upside down, pull the 2 halves apart and the OLED screen uncoils which then a hinge locks it in to place. Working as a video player you can then remove the MP3 control and use it as a remote control.


Via: YankoDesign

Triple Watch Cellphone

I just love these concept designs from Yanko Design. The Triple Watch Cellphone is a wrist watch that converts in to a mobile phone. Seems more like a transformer watch. If used as a speaker phone it can remain on the wrist while driving.


Via: YankoDesign

iMac Concept Design

This nice looking iMac concept design found over at yankodesign is very posh. Makes you wonder if devices will go this way with transparent screens and keyboards.

This particular design features a 30″ LCD display which is totally transparent when the iMac is not in use. Also various levels of translucency can be set. I want one!


Via: YankoDesign

Dell XCS

This concept design of a Dell computer kind of looks ok. It is designed to accomodate for those who fear performing upgrades to their PC’s. It has a modular design and shaped so that components cannot be pushed in to the wrong place.


Via: YankoDesign

The Polygon Phone

The Polygon Phone is not yet real, but rather a concept device. The phone (as can be seen below) is a clamshell device which when opens up it reveals 2 screens. The 1st is a higher resolution for displaying images, tv, mp3 information etc… and the second acts as a soft screen in which depending on how the device is used it’s layout (touch sensative) changes so that you can browse tracks, make calls, send SMS etc…