NTT Prototype Phones Revealed

Telecoms company NTT have created a few prototype accessories for mobile phones of the future. The accessories include a large color flexible screen, a blood testing kit and a flute attachment. You could say that it’s a rather odd combination!

The large screen allows you to read papers, blogs and watch movies while on the move. The scroll type screen attaches to your mobile and moves everything from the smaller screen on to a larger more readable screen.

The blood testing kit allows you to test your blood and import the results direct in to your mobile phone. This might seem odd, but in reality it could be used for you to take your own blood tests, email the test data to a Dr who can then provide the results back as needed as well as instruction on what to do if there are problems.

The flue attaches to the end of a phone and simply allows you to use your phone as a flute although the bonus of this system is that you can record your flute music on to the mobile phone and transfer it to other users via a message which is why this system is an attachment as flue playing isn’t really something we all do 😉

The video belows ends up saying that these products wont be commercialised just yet although they could be a glimpse of what we will see in the next 5 – 10 years.

Via: MobileCrunch

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