Bike Safety Increased with Light Lane

The Light Lane is a cool idea where a laser is used to project a bike lane on to the road around a bike. The idea here is that the bright lit laser created lane will allow drivers to more clearly see the bike rider and hence, lower the risk of the rider being on the road.

It uses ‘super-bright red LEDs, as well as two high visibility Diode-Pumped Solid State green lasers to project a path that should help to protect bikers on the street. The end result is that the biker and their path are clearly visible to those driving by.

The LightLane is designed for those who ride around on areas where no bike lanes are marked. By creating a virtual lane the rider can feel more safe at all times. The LightLane was a concept device up till recently as it seems the creators have got a working model.


Via: SlipperyBrick

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