Apple Files the Activity Sensor Patent

apple-patentA few months ago, Apple filed a new patent which was referred to as an Activity Sensor. It’s kind of like an extreme sports version of the Nike+ iPod sport kit that you can currently buy. The Activity Sensor is used to measure factors while skiing, snow boarding or mountain biking which include air time, speed and power/energy absorbed while performing these activities.

The 41 page patent gives full details and explains that when someone claims that they achieved “big air” that right now they can only claim it. The Activity Sensor will actually be able to quantify what they exactly achieved so they can use the personal data to set their own records to try and beat. The data could also be shared with friends too.

Comparisons of journeys can also be done as explained below…

There are also other factors that extreme sportsmen sometimes assess qualitatively. For example, if a snowboarder goes down a double-diamond ski slope while a friend goes down a green, easy slope, when they both reach the bottom, the double-diamond snowboarder will have expended more energy than the other, generally, and will have worked up a sweat; while the green snowboarder will have had a relatively inactive ride down the slope. Currently, there is no method or system to quantitatively compare how rough their journeys were relative to one another.

I really like the sound of the activity sensor and if it does actually get built then Apple will find another way to sell their iPhones and iPod devices.

Via: UberGizmo

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