Orange Solar Concept Tent

The Orange tent is a concept idea which aims to be the “Tent of the Future”. It was designed by Orange and is covered with fabric solar panels allowing you to make sure your essential gadgets can always be kept charged.

The Tent Concept harnesses solar energy by using photovoltaic fabric around the top of the tent. This power is then channelled down to a wireless charging pouch where you can place your phone and other similar gadgets to keep charged. The fabric that captures the energy also moves to match the direction of the sun to harness it’s rays at all times of the day.

As well as capturing energy and allowing gadgets to be charged, the Solar Tent also has glo-clacton technology by allowing users to SMS their tent which in turn, makes the tent start to glow should you loose it in a field at night or in a busy camping location. RFID technology is also used in the tent.

A wireless control hub sits at the centre of the system that shows what kind of energy is being generated and consumed. Information is displayed on a flexible touchscreen LCD display. The screen also provides a method to communicate back with the system in a way that allows you to set what the desired tend temperature is. When the temperature drops below a predefined value a heating element is switched on.

The development of photovoltaic fabric will revolutionise festival tent design, in working with Orange we have created a vision for a solar tent that we believe is a great glimpse of what’s to come.


Via: Pocket-Lint and BornRich


  1. I want one! No, 2! 3! 4! Wait, I want to have them, sell them, market them.

    Where do I sign up!?

  2. when are the orange solar tents going to be avalible to the public for sale?

  3. Shel Hubel says

    I would love to sell these to my high end backpackers. Please let me know how much and when they will be available?


    Shel Hubel

  4. I want too!
    can I have information about them…


  5. please send me info and pictures about this tent. thank you.

  6. Erich Nolan Bertussi Davies says

    I want one..

    when can i buy one..

    i want to go camping this summer with it..



  7. On most websites I have found this is a concept tent. Which means they are working on the idea of this tent. Its been under testing and fabrication since 2003. I would love to have a couple of this. Would give a whole new meaning to living off the grid.

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