KRE8 Makes Music on the Go

kre8Designer Jose Tomas DeLuna has created the KRE8 that is aimed at creative music junkies who love to mix music at all times of the day. The KRE8 is both a mobile phone and mobile music creator bundled in to one cool looking device.

It currently is in concept stages which means normally that it’s just an idea and a design without much thought of the technical aspect. Looking at the device it seems like it could be made with today’s technology though.

First lets talk about the physical features: KRE8 splits into two and uses sensors and accelerometers to figure out the gestures you are making. Broadly there are three modes in the system: Instrument Mode (guitar, drums, violin), Mix Mode and Record Mode. So based on the gesture inputs, the system automatically slips into any one of the Instrument Modes and follows your jam. The output is recorded as MIDI Signal and can be shared with others via 3G, which can broadcast publicly or privately giving you the option to let people jam/mix along with you.

The device is designed with a glass touchscreen. The gestures used on the glass tell the device what to do and how. Certain functions can be accessed by using different gestures and along the sides of the device are a few toggles and sliders allowing you to tweak the noises made by the device.

The KRE8 is wireless too and allows you to share your creations (KRE8-tions) with other KRE8 users. Those other users can then make edits and pass the music back. GPS is built in to the device which geo-tags the music created and when another user passes near to the area a message pops up telling them that a song was created nearby.


Concept by YankoDesign Via: Geeky-Gadgets

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