MID Concept Device Challenges Netbooks

If Netbooks are not your thing due to them not being small enough for a pocket and a little awkward to work with then maybe this MID (Mobile Internet Device) could be the thing for you.

Off the bat it looks great, but unfortunately it’s just concept at the moment. However, it’s not that far fetched like we see most other concepts being. It features a slide out QWERTY keyboard with a trackball, a large LCD touchscreen, 7 action buttons across the side of the device which can be pressed when the device is closed. It has 2 USB slots, a sound card with Mic and audio inputs, an SD card reader, stereo speakers and it can dock.

The device measures 180mm in length, 80mm width when closed + 60mm extra when the keyboard is out and 20mm in depth. It uses an Intel Atom Processor.

As can be seen, it’s not too far from reality and could do well should someone pick this up. Via: Yanko



  1. GigiAUT says

    VAIO you’re in big trouble now….

  2. Screen Sleuth says

    It’s nice…assuming it doesn’t cost a fortune.

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