Apple MacPad coming soon?

It appears that Apple are working on a MacPad or similar named device due to information found over at WSJ. The post mentions that although Steve Jobs hasn’t been taking care of day to day stuff with being away for a while he has actually been reviewing new product designs and has been involved with the new iPhone OS 3.0 software.

The details over at WSJ also mention that Jobs has been working on a new ‘portable device that is smaller than its current laptop computers but bigger than the iPhone or iPod Touch.

Interesting stuff. I can’t wait for when this gets announced.

Via: GearCrave


  1. Constable Odo says

    It’s good to hear that Steve has actually been doing something other than dying as most of the media, investors and analysts have been saying over the past year or so. I hope both the iPhone/firmware 3.0 and the rumored tablet are killer products that buyers will be dying to get their hands on. And maybe it’ll shut up all the negative rumors about Steve Jobs. I hope he comes back on stage at least ten pounds heavier than the last time.

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