Printable Ultra-Thin Batteries Coming this Year – The Flattery?

German scientists claim that they have designed and created some batteries that weigh less then one gram, measure under 1mm in thickness and can be printed out. Not only can they do this now, but they claim that the batteries will be ready for commercial scale by the end of this year.

The aim of the research team is to get to a level where each battery can be printed for 9 cents or less.

The batteries weigh less than one gram and are under a millimeter thick. They contains no mercury, so aren’t particularly environmentally unfriendly. They are printed using a silk-screen method just like that used for t-shirts and signs. A rubber lip presses the printing paste through a screen onto the substrate, with a template covering the areas that are not to be printed on. The individual layers are slightly thicker than a hair.

The printed battery will be capable of providing 1.5V and when a few are put in a row this can be bumped up to a maximum of 6V. The downside is that they cannot hold much charge for long and therefore, might only be good for very light usage such as musical greeting cards. Still, it’s a cool idea!

ENAS – The guys responsible for all of this. Via: CrunchGear

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