Mac Tablet to hold Electronic Medical Records?

mac_tabletWe have seen rumours floating around about the Mac Tablet before at Gadget Venue. However, nobody really mentions the usage it would get if made available except for the obvious web browsing, music and video type applications. What else could the tablet be used for? Software Advice think it will fit perfect in to the medical industry and allow Dr’s to grab records with it while with a patient.

There is a seemingly endless amount of medical applications that could be developed for a Mac Tablet. However, we think it would be the ultimate interface for electronic medical records (EMRs). Ease-of-use has been a primary barrier to EMR adoption, so Apple known for intuitive design and usability – would be welcomed by physicians.

If Apple do make the Mac Tablet, Mac Pad, iTablet or whatever it shall be named then the ease of use and slick interface seen on the iPhone could make it very usable in the medical area.


  1. Mark Northcott says

    i can think of hundreds of thousands of uses for this kind of application, but the largest application this will have is to actually be a paper killer, but only in the long-term future when there will be one in just about everyone’s hands.

  2. If the Mac Tablet will exist and the usability is good it’s only a matter of time before it becomes a paper killer. Maybe not this model mind you as the cycle of slowly going paperless is going to take a good number of years and there will have been a number of “Mac Tablet” style devices launched by then.

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