Android MID Leaked Pics – Still an Unknown

android_midA mystery Android MID was spotted last week. The creators of this MID are unknown but yet, there are more photos to see of this nice looking android based device.

The design looks similar to that of an Apple product in that it has a smooth front face with a screen quite close to the edges giving a very thin bezel around the edge. A chrome edging can also be seen around the edges on to the back cover.

The first picture above shows the Android MID sitting on a Sony VAIO P and appears to be connected to the VAIO by a USB cable. It also shows some of the device details on the screen of the MID which refers to it having an SD card slot (which will be a microSD card slot). It shows the microSD card as being mounted. Internal storage only shows as 34MB being available which is very low assuming it’s almost empty and a clean install.

It appears to measure about 4.5 x 3 inches and looks to be completely touch-screen run with no physical keyboard. The only buttons seen on the device in the pictures look to be volume buttons on the side of the device.

Hopefully the official information on this device will be shown soon. Via: SlashGear and Pocketables



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