Augmented Reality Business Card

Augmented-Reality-Business-CardMany business cards are boring to be honest. Most, if not all just show your name, rank and how you can be contacted. A guy named James Alliban has decided to used augmented reality to create his business cards. The cards were printed at and on the back contain a graphic which is then captured on to a computer via a webcam. When the camera picks up the little graphic a cool 3D grid of coloured planes pops up, each extruding towards the camera depending on the brightness of the pixel, and then a video can be played back with the business card owner being seen talking with a message about himself.

The only downside is that the receiver of the business card needs a computer to see the content on it. Of course you can simply print the graphic on one side and then your usual name and address on the other side.

It’s kind of hard to fully explain, so go ahead and watch the video below to see what it’s all about.


  1. Patrick Bateman’s gonna lose it when he sees this!

  2. LOL. touché!

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