Playstation 4 Concept Designed

new-playstation-4-consoleAlthough still a number of years away, a concept designer has decided to create a 3D model of a PlayStation 4. It was created by designer Tai Chiel and has a number of interesting features such as an embedded OLED screen in the transparent section to allow you to view menus, saved games and what looks to be like a game playing on one of the screen shots.

It is unclear when a PS4 will be made available as there are many years left in the PS3 and other consoles like the XBox 360, but that still doesn’t stop the design from being great.

What are your thoughts on a PS4. Will one be coming in the next few years?

Via: PS4Talk and Walyou


  1. kingdragon919 says

    this is a good looking system if we can bild it y not . we need something new i would buy it but we can dreem

  2. jagpal kooner says

    i love it , looks abaloutly amazing x

  3. this is just a total waste of electricity… sorry but, who needs another attention whore console in their living room… dont they learn its better to shut up and tuck away, without disturbing all the other livingroom residents…

    shame on designers.

  4. looks rubbish, sony trying to look like an Apple product

  5. MK2WOLFSBURG says

    i like it but it will never be as good as pc graphics wise and not only that sony is only in it for the money.. my ps3 quit reading disks and they wanted 250 dollars to fix it….. but any computer company will just make you pay for shipping…. that is in most cases….. and the xbox 360 they fix it free of charge…. i mean granted it was only a problem with the heat sinks… not the point however… I converted to PC gaming and i have never been so happy in my intire life!!!!!

  6. azzadafrog says

    it looks crap, and like a retared dvd player and as cool as it seem i dont under stand y every thing has to b touch screen and made fron glass it realy doesnt fit with the other playstation designs thank the chuckle brothers this is the concept model.

  7. how much is the reckon price 4 this or do they not have a price yet and what month will it be released in 2013

  8. how much is the reckon price 4 this or do they not have a price yet and what month will it be released in 2013 and will u be able to pre order it befour it comes out

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