Snowcorn Sixth Sense Concept Device

Snowcorn is a bracelet with a camera, projector and wi-fi built in. Of course it’s a concept device as can be seen by the ultra small size and 3D renderings, but I still thought it was worth a mention here.

Snorcorn is designed to be worn around your hand and when browsing through books, maps and the likes it projects an image on to the surface of what you are looking at.

A built in scanner that uses the camera is able to grab information of what it is looking at, process the info, check the web if needed and then project back results on the page. An example could be when you are reading a book it will scan a word you point at, highlight that word and popup the dictionary deffinition.

Other options could be to scan business cards in and save them for later should you want to bring up contact details.

These devices do look great although probably not possible just yet in a device of that size. Maybe one day!






  1. I saw a video somewhere of a tech conference that had a working mock up of something exactly like this that was worn on a lanyard around the neck and connected to a cellphone for the wireless and computing, really cool idea.

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