Concept of the MacBook Touch

MacBook-Touch-ConceptFor a fun product management class over at Georgia State University, students decided to create a concept video showing what a MacBook Touch would look like. The presentation starts off with an old Mac from 1984 then quickly moves to the iPod in 2001 and then the iPhone a few years after that at which point the MacBook Touch is displayed.

The Tablet features (as a concept) has a multi-touch interface, large screen, cover flow and a transparent on-screen keyboard.

Among the features listed above, the concept MacBook touch has voice recognition, handwriting recognition, sketching capability, built in wi-fi and WiMax, iChat Video conferencing, built in GPS, eReader capabilities, MP3 player support to name a few things.

It could be really described as a stretched out iPod 3G S that runs Leopard.

The good thing about the concept is that really, none of the technology shown is concept and could be made right now if Apple wanted to. What are your thoughts? Does this MacBook Touch Concept show what it could really look like?


  1. yes yes yes i want one now!!

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