Wallet MID – The Mystery Android Device?

eviGroup_wallet_midRecently we have been seeing various pictures of a MID that runs the Android OS. Today, eviGroup released some pictures of the Wallet MID that look very similar, if not the same, to the mysterious device we mentioned last week.

The Walled MID was first heard of back in May and was described as a device that is halfway between a cellphone and a tablet PC. It has a 5-inch screen and 7+ hours of battery life. As of now, it is unknown what processor powers the device.

The CEO of eviGroup has actually twittered about the V2 prototype which we believe is pictured above. Although there are no official specs we do know it runs Android, it has a rear facing camera, a touchscreen, GPS, not too much internal memory but an SD or microSD slot is included.

It is expected that the device will make it to the US and cost less than $300.


Via: SlashGear and Pockatables and Engadget

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