Concept Wacom Style Tablet

Tablet-keyboardThis odd looking concept device is a mixture of a tablet PC with a swivel type keyboard. The concept is that you can choose to use the tablet as a tablet, ie… write on the screen by swivelling the screen around. Also it lets you use it as a laptop but also switching the keyboard for a large touchpad.

It was created by Victor Bivol and was designed for designers so they can use a large tablet for using software such as Photoshop. This means that no Wacom tablet is needed as it has one built in.

Although very strange I guess it will work for some if it is ever created although surely users with a tablet PC can just use the screen as a “wacom style” device.



  1. Keron Calame says

    You know what I hate about concept gadgets? is the fact that they look so cool but never make it into production!

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