Haptic Reader Concept Converts Text to Braille

haptic-reader-conceptThe Haptic Reader concept is an overlay designed to help blind people read non Braille books. The device has a glass surface that is designed to rest on the pages of a regular book. Text from the page is then scanned in to the Haptic Reader and the surface has dots that protrude to make up the Braille characters.

If the user of the device doesn’t yet understand Braille then the reader makes use of a loud speaker to read out the contents of the book.

Another feature of the concept Haptic Reader is the edging also has Braille dots allowing the reader to be used as a bookmark and provide details of which book it is sat in on the bookshelf.

It’s a great idea although due to the scanning required, I don’t think it will be ready for another few years. Via: GizmoWatch



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