HP Slate Revealed at CES

At the Microsoft [MSFT] keynote at CES, Steve Ballmer showed off the new HP Slate that will be launching later this year. Not much information was provided about it although it was seen running the PC Kindle app. The HP Slate is Windows based (I assume Windows 7) and features multitouch.

Gaming can be done on the Slate but the only game shown on the demo was Frogger which isn’t really an intensive app.

The front of the devices houses the screen that looks to be somewhere between the 9 and 11 inch range along with a border around it. There are no buttons on the front of the HP Slate. Around the sides there are a few buttons which I assume are to wake it up, switch wireless on as well as changing the volume, but as this is currently a prototype this could potentially change.

The HP Slate is due to be launched later this year although no pricing or specific dates have been mentioned yet. Check out the teaser video below to see a little of what it looks like and can do.

Via: TheNextBench and Gaj-It

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