Acer Frameless Touchscreen/Touchkeyboard Laptop

Rumours are saying that Acer are working on a new laptop that will have a frameless touchscreen and frameless touchkeyboard.

Is it possible? Probably… the idea supposedly uses a reinforced glass substrate from Corning (maybe Gorilla Glass). It is unclear at the moment when this frameless laptop will be unveiled, but I wouldn’t expect it for another year or two at the earliest although the source who provided the details to DigiTimes estimates the second half of this year.

The idea is similar to that of the Fujitsu Frame Zero concept that also does away with bezels which are going to be a thing of the past anyway. The Fujitsu concept is pictured above.

In terms of how powerful a device like this could be, it’s certainly unknown at the moment what can be successfully squished between a couple of sheets of glass. I expect to see a low powered device at first which as time goes by, bumps up a little in terms of performance to what we are more familiar with today. Although it certainly looks good I’d certainly want to test how usable a touch-screen keyboard is before purchasing a replacement all-glass laptop.

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