Nintendo 3DS Details revealed – Unofficially

Earlier today we reported that the Nintendo 3DS has been announced and that it was expected to arrive sometime before the March 2011 fiscal year end.

Other than knowing that it will be 3D in a glasses-free form and that it is compatible with older DS and DSi games, nothing else was really revealed about the new Nintendo 3DS.

Information about how it achieves the 3D effect without glasses has arrived (not officially though) which says it will use a parallax barrier LCD screen built by Sharp. Although the technology is unsuitable for large screen devices (referring to TV’s), it has been seen to work on a few mobile phones and could work well on the new Nintendo 3DS.

The screen(s) on the new device are expected to be just shy of 4 inches making it smaller than the DSi XL / LL. Other information revealed indicates that a new 3D control stick will be used although it could be just a joystick similar to the thumb controller on the Sony PSP.

According to a few reports, Nintendo has managed to secure some patents regarding the design and features of it, so hopefully we’ll hear a lot more from official sources soon.

The last couple of features mentioned include a better WiFi connection as well as better battery life and a vibration function.


  1. Maria teresa Nano says

    Hi there, It is said that Nintendo 3DS has been announced and that it was expected to arrive before the March 2011, and it was almost there. Last two weeks ago It had been made on the market. Many people were expecting something unique from it. And i am happy because i’ve heard some comments that it was very cool, and they have no regrets that they buy the new Nintendo 3DS.. It’s a pleasure to have this as they have said.

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