iWEB 2.0 Portable Laptop Concept

The iWEB 2.0 Laptop is a concept gadget that overcomes the problem of a small keyboard found on a netbook sized device. The iWEB has a fold out keyboard that essentially doubles the size of the keyboard when opened out.

When the keyboard is opened up, it is the same size as a normal PC keyboard allowing you to more easily type when compared to the 92% of so sized keyboards that can be found on netbooks.

Although it’s quite a good idea mixing a large keyboard in to a netbook sized casing, this particular concept design does look a tad on the bulky side which would be a downer should this ever get made.

I doubt it will be a concept we’ll see make it in to production any time soon, but still, the idea was good!

Via: Techi and Yanko


  1. Angelina Jolliey says

    The keyboard is opened up, it is the aforementioned ad-measurement as a accustomed PC keyboard acceptance you to added calmly type. a acceptable abstraction bond a ample keyboard in to a net-book sized casing, this accurate abstraction architecture does attending a tad on the beefy side.

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