Windows Phone 7 Series Tablet Concept

Apple decided that the Apple iPad will use the iPhone OS running at a slightly higher resolution and from what we have seen, the iPad works very well in this configuration. We have also seen tablets before that run Android based operating systems. This particular concept tablet takes that idea but uses Windows Phone 7 Series as an operating system unlike the HP Slate that will run Windows 7.

The concept designer Umang Dokey has designed an 8 inch tablet that has a couple of webcams, a built in keyboard that acts as a kick stand as well as joystick controls and shoulder buttons allowing the device to be used as a computer, for games and the joystick used also for scrolling through documents.

It’s actually quite a neat idea and perhaps something that Microsoft should consider in the near future when the new operating system lands.

Of course with it just being concept there are no release dates and it will be almost certain that we won’t see a WP7S series tablet in this particular design, but still Umang has done a very good job in designing it.

Via: Gizmodo

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