iWatch Concept Gadget

The iWatch is a concept Apple device that is designed to be worn on the wrist. The concept design features a small screen showing the traditional slide to unlock message found on all iPhone OS devices along with the time, date and weather details.

The iWatch was designed by ADR Studio based in Italy and is designed with a touchscreen on the front encased in aluminium.

Other features of the concept design include Wireless for connectivity, Bluetooth for attaching a headset and a built-in pico projector.

Of course, this is all just concept and Apple [AAPL] will unlikely take the idea of an iWatch and create it probably due to the lack of people who actually show interest in wrist watch phone devices.

With it being concept, there is no release date available at all for this device.

Via: TechNaBob and ADR


  1. It is good.i like this

  2. its superb but i want to know that whether it has 3G and can we make a call

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